The Art of Dessert – French Macarons

Posted on October 5, 2010


French macarons


Gourmet cupcakes. Chocolatier tours. Gold leaf accents.  

Simple treats that could once only aspire to serve as the highlights to a child’s birthday party, have quickly morphed into an artistic dance of flavor and colors. Quaint and trendy patisseries alike are popping up everywhere and several of them are specializing in one or two key desserts. Through the rush of cupcakes and chocolates, a lighter and much more vibrant treat has emerged, the French Macaron.  

French Macarons, (not to be confused with English Macaroons) are a light, colorful dessert that are made of almond paste and are said to resemble mini-hamburgers in appearance. They are infused with bright fresh ingredients that burst open as soon as you bite into them with a chewy consistency that breaks easily away to the creamy ganache.  

 Fuchsia swirls with a raspberry filling. A blend of Lavender & Earl Gray. Beryl speckles with Sicilian pistachios.  

Exotic colors and flavors are infused into each delicate circle, creating a dainty work of art that lines up like an endless rainbow.  

A spectrum of flavor


Paulette’s is one such store that specializes in just macarons and features a glass counter that showcases the spectrum of colors against the sterile white background of their shop. Their macarons are handmade daily by French chef Christophe Michalak and are even certified kosher.  They recently added a new Little Tokyo location to their original Beverly Hills location & San Francisco location.  

Patisserie Chantilly in Lomita presents their macarons as an accent to the other delicate pastries they offer, such as the black sesame cream puffs that were featured in LA Weekly’s Jonathan Gold’s “99 things to eat before you die”.  

Both bakeries feature their own interpretation of the classic french treat, with a few variations from oneanother. Chantilly features much smaller, more vibrant flavored macarons that have an Asian twist, with flavors such as Matcha & Black Sesame. While Paulettes chose to stay more traditional with larger macarons and experiments with more exotic flavors from around the world such as Caribbean chocolate & Madagascar vanilla.  

So the next time you pass by your local patisserie and you spy a few of these dainty delights be sure to indulge yourself and pick a few up, we just may bump into one another!

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