I can’t afford to LOVE NY..

Posted on December 10, 2010


New York

I always knew that New York would be a completely different world from Los Angeles. But I never imagined that I would come to fall in love with the city in just five short days.

There are a few things that I learned are perfectly normal in NY that you would never see in LA.

-Drinking after brunch, during lunch, before dinner, during dinner and having a night-cap feels perfectly natural in NY and you aren’t considered a lush.

-If you see someone pushing a stroller down the street, chances are that it will NOT have a kid in it, it will be filled with stuff and be covered with a plastic  shield.

-Walking in NY makes sense, it saves money and it’s amazing how many miles you can cover when you do.

-Everyone takes public transportation in NY, so it doesn’t feel as dangerous .

-Once you try the food in NY, it will make you cry. Once because it’s so good and again when you’re back at home, poor and can’t find a suitable replacement in LA.

– There are police officers everywhere in New York and they are very friendly and helpful! You feel so safe because there’s always an officer or two walking  near you.

-If you don’t step off the curb and start walking as soon as there is no traffic you WILL get left behind.

-You will be shoulder checked HARD by other pedestrians, several times if you don’t keep moving.

-The rats in the subways are actually cute and hop along the tracks.

-In LA,  if you blow $100-$200 for dinner, it hurts, if New York if you spend that much money you barely even bat an eye.

-All the doggies in NY are bundled up and are extremely disciplined and well behaved.

-Radiators are your best friend, except when you accidently get burned by one or wake up in a cold sweat thinking someone is breaking into your apt, only to discover it’s the radiator.

I love NY even if I can’t afford to…

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