Following the White Rabbit..

Posted on December 15, 2010


New York

While walking down East Houston Street on the Lower East side with my boyfriend and his sister on our first real night out in New York, we stumbled across a small treasure: my first bunny sighting. It was a white bunny shaped like a butternut squash, outlined in red, looking to the left with his back to us.

White Rabbit

The words on either side of the image read “White Rabbit” and I insisted that we go in and check it out. We walked in to an empty bar with only two other patrons at the bar, which would normally be followed by me turning around and heading right out the door. However my love of all things bunny, pushed me to sit down and eye the colorful bar.

The friendly bartender sauntered on over and asked if we knew what we wanted. I asked him if he could make me a “Brown bunny”, he looked a bit confused so I let him in on the recipe and he quickly got to work. He liked the drink so much he started experimenting and gave us his version on the house. We dubbed it the “White bunny” since it was a creamier version of my original drink.

As I began to feel that familiar flush of warmth, I started to analyze my surrounding a bit. Past the bar there were several couches next to a movie screen posted on the wall displaying random images with a dj bumping music from a podium to the left. I began to get the sense that this was no ordinary bar and nervously looked back at the door to see if hordes of club kids or the cast of Alice in Wonderland would soon overtake us. But it must have been a school night or everyone was out-of-town, because luckily that never happened. Kudos to the dj for continuing to play his music for the five of us though…

Brown Bunny vs. White Bunny

Little did we know that this little bar was featured in NY Magazine’s Bar guide as a critic’s pick! The bartender also informed us that the owner named the bar after the Asian candy with the same name. Sadly, he told us that they used to offer the candies for free, but they longer make the candy.

White Rabbit Candy

I’ll definitely stop by here again the drinks were tasty and reasonably priced during happy hour, they have a well-stocked bar and they have a bunny on their business cards!

White Rabbit     
145 E. Houston Street                                                                                  

New York, NY      


Tue-Sat, 6pm-9pm; $4 beers and well drinks