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Posted on December 21, 2010


Please help out a great cause that my friend Sarah created!!


All I want for Christmas:

Imagine sleeping on cold, hard concrete. It’s what hundreds of dogs at the South LA Animal Shelter endure 24/7 while waiting for someone to adopt them. Every day, about a dozen of them will never get adopted, and will unfortunately spend their last night on earth on cement. While it’s not always possible for everyone to take home a dog for Christmas, we CAN make their stay at the shelter more bearable this year. How great would it be if every dog at the South LA shelter had a comfy, warm bed to sleep on at night?!

This particular shelter has approximately 140 cages, with multiple dogs in each. We want to outfit each cage with a durable, water-resistant bed. Unfortunately, most store-bought beds won’t work. The dogs will ruin them and they will be thrown out; making it difficult for new dogs to have a bed.

But, there’s this company that makes beds specifically designed for shelters, and they’re offering them at a discount. Kuranda will offer one of these durable, reusable beds for $52- giving us a $10 discount.

Images courtesy of Kuranda.com

The beds aren’t cheap, but they are built to last with a warranty included. Can you help? Maybe this season you could consider:

■Have a friend or loved one who loves animals? Giving a truly thoughtful gift by donating a bed in their honor
■Instead of spoiling your precious pup this year with another pile of chew toys and yummy snacks- donate a bed in Fido or Fluffy’s name
■Ask for a donation as your own gift this year
You will get a card thanking you or your loved one in return. Here are the ways you can help:

$52 $0-Billions! Share
Donate a Bed to give a dog a warm, comfortable holiday


Give A Bed!
$50 too much (or not enough)? Give a different donation


Donate Now!
Spread the word and share this message with others



Please repost this note and link to help spread the word! We are on our way to changing lives at the South LA Animal Shelter!

Sarah and Tracy Grooters


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