My Top 10 – The 10 best things that happened in 2010

Posted on January 3, 2011


#10 2009 Finally came to an end. Trust me this was a BIG ONE.

#9 I finally completed my Japanese language certification, it’s a tough language to learn!

#8 Winning an @earthcafe vegan cheesecake, @Lashfood_USA eye liner, @18Rabbits granola bars, an @iLoveDogsInc Prize pack & two tickets to the @Audreymagazine fashion show on Twitter. Let’s see what I can win this year!

#7 Finally getting a DSLR to capture all of my favorite photo opportunities in HD! No more point-and-shoots!

#6 Finally receiving my Emmy certificate for my participation in the “Death of Michael Jackson” -unplanned news event coverage.

#5 I completed my first half marathon – at the Inaugural Los Angeles Rock and Roll Half Marathon for the Lu Parker Project in just 3 hours!

#4 Working in the newsroom during the Chilean Miners’ rescue was such an amazing and emotional moment to experience. The entire newsroom was still, as we held our breath while the first miner was brought up.

#3 Traveling to New York for the first time and visiting Utah during a blizzard, all within two short months. Life in two of the most polar opposites definitely opens your eyes to fresh new ideas and experiences.

#2 Spending the entire year working with the best co-workers in the biz and helping to produce a special projects segment. I’m going to miss working with everyone …

#1 Watching my friend Elle rescue a wild cottontail rabbit from the razor-sharp teeth of a long-tailed weasel two days before the new year  – the Year of the Bunny. If that’s not a sign I don’t know what is!

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