Hopping Mad! – Happy Hoppers Forum Debut A New Rabbit E-zine

Posted on March 28, 2011


Happy Hoppers E-zine

Happy Hoppers E-zineDespite the fact that rabbits are currently the third most popular pet, they are often neglected and abused by the general public and in the media as pests, food or as playthings. 

But the rabbit-friendly people behind the Happy Hoppers Forum are launching a new e-magazine that they hope will bring rabbit issues and welfare to the forefront.

While some websites choose to only display the “happy” aspects of our long-eared companion’s lives, Hopping Mad! will be offering both sides of the spectrum.

According to their website, “Hopping Mad! bunny magazine was conceived following an horrific rabbit breeding farm story that was brought into public awareness by the Make Mine Chocolate organization. Happy Hoppers forum, along with other forums picked up the news. The forums started to act and campaign through Twitter to help raise funds and to use this incident as a lever to demand more stringent regulations in relation to breeding rabbits.”

Happy Hoppers wanted to produce a project that could consolidate welfare issues into a free on-line publication. It was initially intended for just an UK readership, but it quickly developed into an international medium as they embraced social networking outlets. Happy Hoppers forum already boasts 753 registered users.

Hopping Mad! features articles about rabbit health, welfare issues, news and reviews of rabbit-related paraphernalia for other rabbit enthusiasts to burrow through. They have also posted informative and educational videos about rabbit care and issues for new bunny parents.

The site has two expert contributors: Dr. Anne McBride, a behavior expert and author of ”Why Does My Rabbit..” and “Rabbits and Hares” and John Chitty, an avian and exotic expert. McBride is also a patron of the Rabbit Welfare Association and fund (RWAF) and a supporter of the Make Mine Chocolate Campaign.

As a rabbit enthusiast, it’s always encouraging to see so many popular rabbit-centered sites emerging to help to educate the public about our little friends. They enhance our lives with their rebellious spirit and comedic antics, which can only becomes apparent through trust and love. House rabbits are often spoiled rotten, rule the house and given the best possible care, shouldn’t the buns that haven’t found furever homes be given the same respect and love as well?

So what are you waiting for? Let’s Get Hopping Mad!

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