International Rabbit Day – Fluffy, The Rabbit Who Started It All

Posted on September 26, 2011




Fluff Eggplant Lee came from humble beginnings..

In 2002, a small dwarf mix rabbit was left in a glass aquarium on the bottom shelf of a local pet store. Fluffy was pregnant, unbeknownst to her caretakers and was quickly labeled as being aggressive and was unfortunately already getting a bit long in the tooth according to the owner at just 4 months old.

As the pets store employees constantly cleaned her cage, she would understandably become agitated, lunge at them and then would box their hands away.

During pregnancy buns pull out their own fur to create warm nests for their babies and cleaning her aquarium would force her to do so over and over (I’d be pretty agitated about that as well).

My boyfriend spotted her and fell instantly in love with her.

I was next door getting my hair done and he quickly rushed in with her in his arms. After convincing me that we had to have her, we bought her a $50 Italian-made cage and the pet store gave her to us for free.

She was a beautiful Agouti Dwarf mix with big, bright beady eyes that could alternate between alarm and alluring in a split second. Fluffy would often respond to praise and compliments by making her eyes big and bright, batting her eye lashes and puffing out her chest.

Friends would often be amazed that she would pose for photos, giving them her best side and staying still until the photo was taken.

In her 9 years with us she:

  • Survived a spay surgery
  • Bit General on the nose, then fell in love with him
  • Preened General, then us
  • Loved Fiesta Mix so much she made clucking sounds when eating
  • Became obese
  • Lunged at our dog’s face
  • Went crazy for cilantro and carrots
  • Turned into a snuggle bunny
  • Took naps with us
  • Had a bladder full of calcium
  • Had getting her bottom cleaned and shaved
  • Inspired stories and songs about her
  • Shed fur
  • Jumped the highest binkies
  • Thumped when we had nightmares
  • Dropped poop everywhere
  • Ate carpet and computer wire
  • Got humped in the face by our other bun
  • Intimidated our cat
  • Lost the weight
  • Relaxed under the kitchen table
  • Investigated our other two buns
  • Hates to be separated from General
  • Performed synchronized binkies with General
  • Had surgery on a benign tumor on her thigh
  • Made oinking, clicking and popping sounds
  • Spent 3 hours pushing herself to stand up after each treatment
  • Went through three radiation treatments for her Thyloma.
  • Kicked me (softly) in the jaw to show her disapproval for the Baytril
  • Enjoyed the taste of Metacam
  • Fought an upper respiratory infection

In the final expression of her fighting spirit, she somehow managed to jump into the back cage, despite the difficulty she was having breathing and the sickness she felt from the pneumonia, and tore off her arm bandage before she died.

That’s our little Eggplant…

In Loving Memory of Fluff Eggplant Lee – June 14, 2002 – September 23, 2011