General Bun E. Lee, The Miracle Bunny

Posted on February 9, 2012




General patiently waiting for his results

God answered our prayers and we got AMAZING NEWS yesterday regarding General’s radiation treatment for his Thymoma! Yesterday, General went in for his check up, since he had just finished his last radiation treatment last Wednesday.

Dr. K looked him over and told us that he was not expecting much change from the last x-ray that we took in December, since it takes a while for the radiation to work. He proceeded to look General over and told us he looked good and his lungs sounded clear.

Dr. K then said well let’s take some x-rays and see how he’s doing on the inside. After taking the x-rays my friend M and I were playing with General and Tabby to keep them relaxed.


General and Tabby keeping watch at the vet

When Dr. K came back in, he sat down and told us that he was in shock. He said that General’s x-rays look exactly like a normal bunny! He pulled up the x-rays that we took in December 2011 and he compared them with the ones that he just took. It was like night and day..

In the old x-ray you couldn’t see General’s heart, his windpipe was pushed up and he barely had any lung capacity. In the new x-ray everything was clear, you could clearly see his heart and he has full lung capacity again. It was a miracle and Dr. K said that he had never seen anything like it.

We also found out that on General’s left side two of his ribs had fused into one rib and then split at the end like a wishbone. It was something that he was born with and it torqued the spine a bit. Dr. K was amazed again because General had no nerve damage and didn’t show any signs of pain or handicap. In fact he is our most adventurous bun with the highest binkeys!

I want to thank all my Twitter and Tumblr friends for all their love, support and prayers during General and even Fluffy’s radiation treatment. It meant so much to hear all of your heartwarming messages to them. We hope that General will continue to enjoy a happy and healthy life for many more years.


General says Thank you!

Check out General in action here.

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