Saying Farewell to General: Joy is Just a Matter of Perspective

Posted on February 13, 2013


General Bun E. Lee

General Lee

On January 30th, my little blessed bunny, General Bun Ear Lee left us to join his first wife Fluffy on the Rainbow Bridge. He was just a month short of his 10th birthday.

It was very difficult to lose him especially since this was his second bout with a Thymoma, that also eventually took Fluffy as well.

Even though I miss him so much, I am in awe of the way he choose to leave us. General has always lived every moment to the fullest. He ate anything and everything with such gusto and fervor, you’d think it was gourmet food. In the mornings, when other bunnies would run into the back cage, he’d run into the front cage exploding with optimism. He was never afraid of anything because he truly believed that everything was wonderful.

We would often joke that the look on his face seemed to say “What’s Danger? Is it delicious?”

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that our blessed Castor Mini-Rex knew the moment his spirit would leave us.

My husband was heading to bed, when he noticed General having a hard time breathing. But as soon as General made eye contact with him he started biting the bars (His ritual in the morning signalling that he wants his treats). My husband was worried about him and opened the cage and General gobbled down his treats. Then he suddenly he leaped out and on top of the cage (his favorite trick in the mornings). My husband picked him up and carried him out to the living room.

As soon as I saw him I knew, so my husband put him down and he started running at top speed. First, underneath our piano, then underneath our living room table and finally under our kitchen table. All three of his favorite spots with Fluffy..

Then he just collapsed under the kitchen table and I pulled him into my arms and held him until I felt his last breath. Then he left us.

I couldn’t believe that he was able to do everything he wanted and run to every single place that he loved. He made sure that he went the same way he lived his life.

I pray that I will make him proud and have the courage to live my life the same way.

Rabbits have an incredible way of imprinting themselves onto your soul. General shared almost 10 years of memories with us, he saw our dog, cat and even Fluffy pass away. He comforted us and gave us hope when our friend and my brother died tragically. He was an important part of our wedding and even had a cameo on television. Even in his pain, he comforted me and preened me until the day he died.

There will never be another General….

Thank you for every happiness and every moment that I got to share with you General. Thank you for teaching me to see that joy is just a matter of perspective and to put love in everything you do.

Goodbye Rale, I will miss you.

General Bun E. Lee

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