Fluffy was featured as the Bunday Sunday Bunny!

June 20, 2012



Fluffy got picked as the Bunday Sunday Bunny on Budgetbunny.ca !! Check out her segment here.

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General has Thymoma, Too: Two Buns, One Pet Store

February 19, 2012


General Bun Ears Lee & Eggplant

General and Fluffy both develop Thymoma, a tumor of the Thymus, and the cause may be linked to the pet store where they came from.

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General Bun E. Lee, The Miracle Bunny

February 9, 2012



God answered our prayers and we got AMAZING NEWS yesterday regarding General's radiation treatment for his Thymoma!

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Champis, The Sheep Herding Rabbit!

February 4, 2012


sheep herding rabbit

This video made my day, to see a little dwarf rabbit with such spunk. It reminded me of my friend's rabbit Sunny, who used to do this to their guests.

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International Rabbit Day – Fluffy, The Rabbit Who Started It All

September 26, 2011



The story of Fluff E. Lee, the bunny who was the inspiration for the Rabbit Reporter blogs and my obsession with rabbits.

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Hollywoof Heroes Episode 2 – Linda Blair

September 14, 2011


i Love Dogs

The second episode of Hollywoof Heroes with Oscar-Nominated Actress and Founder of the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation, Linda Blair for i Love Dogs Inc.

Love getting little reminders that my birthday is coming up..

August 2, 2011



Love getting little reminders that my birthday is coming up..Leo women are the best!

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